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Study Plans:

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modern mountain cabin plans
modern mountain cabin plans

heated sq.ft.
unheated sq.ft

2 or 3+2





• curved metal roof

• exposed trusses

• architectural glulams

• large terraces

• open floor plan

• elevated reading nook

• daylight basement

• hardwood floors

• designed for mountain or

   lake lot

• large floor to ceiling

   picture windows

• 8’ tall interior doors

modern mountain cabin plans

1st floor








cool modern house plans
modern house plan

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additional information about C.1:

Read about our ideas and process behind C.1 - modern mountain cabin plans.


Exterior Finishes

The exterior finishes of the contemporary C.1 home plan are carefully chosen to maximize this modern home’s cost effectiveness, while giving it a high-end feel.  We did so by using readily available and affordable building materials and detailing their application and joints carefully.

For the daylight basement we chose standard exposed cmu concrete block.  These blocks are available with a variety of colors and textures so that you can achieve your favorite look.  The application of the block is standard and the building of the wall can be done by any builder and brick layer.  To receive basement water proofing and insulation, we applied several means and layers of protection and lined the inside with a furred out and insulated drywall finish.

On the main upper floor we are using primarily two materials.  The wide slightly thicker band or skirt that you can see wrapping around portions of the house is finished with corrugated metal with the ribbing laid horizontally.  All the edges are carefully detailed with straight forward siding techniques that will elevate this quite affordable material to a stylish contemporary look.

The same goes for the surrounding façade areas.  Here we are calling for large size Hardie panels.  Each elevation is laid out for standard sized panels and its joints are detailed with a metal flashing shadow grove.  The lines that are thus created structure the siding to compelling proportions and create visual relationships with windows, doors and building edges of the home.

On all materials you have a wide range of options on colors so that you can adjust the final appearance of this house to your liking, while the modern contemporary look is always given.


The Elevated Reading Nook

In the C.1 home plan we incorporated an idea we developed in a design build project of ours in Charlotte, NC – a climbing library and a contemporary tree house like reading perch.   We discovered a lot of head room above the stair case going into the day lit basement. This space was amplified by the curved roof sloping away from the bottom of the stairs.  We seized on the opportunity and created and additional space just off the entry.

By a broad set of steps you reach a cozy reading nook tugged underneath the curved roof.  We lined the walls leading up to the platform and the space itself with built in book cases.  This library can also be used as an additional bedroom or sleeping area.  Despite its cozy and comfortable feel, we managed to get a full 8 foot ceiling height for it.  We surrounded the room with large windows, which we kept intentionally short and did not take all the way up to the ceiling to illicit the feel of a perch, with a low visor, amplifying, in fact, the view out.  The windows are also equipped with casement swings to allow for passive ventilation and a little bit of a stack effect to cool down this elevated spot naturally.

The integrated platform is large enough for a mattress to be either used as a gorgeous spot to lounge, read and gaze, or as an additional bed. Underneath this platform was enough room to incorporate a pull our drawer for linens, pillows, and blankets.


The Zen Japanese Style Bath Connection

The house plans for this contemporary home gave us the opportunity to look at a bathroom as a connector to the master suite.  What seemed at first improbable turned into a gorgeous Zen like space.  As you can see on the plan we designed a long narrow room that ends in large 4 feet by 8 feet window that fills out the end wall completely.  It goes from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The space continuous past it through the exterior niche and ends with a sculptural tree that is called out in our construction drawings.  Even the floor extends with tightly paced wooden slats on the exterior.

In front of the window we placed a shallow shelf for the sink.  Sink and plumbing, including the trap and waist line is engineered and spaced to be installed within the shallow shelf and guided sideways into the walls.  By taking these measures you are invited to enjoy the view while being shaded for passive light, so that you can see yourself well in a side mounted mirror.  At the same time the 8 foot tall door to this space can be left open offering a beautiful visual extension to the adjoining library and reading nook, as well as the living space and kitchen.

A room high sliding panel opens this connector  to the master suite.  Because of it, this sink area and the toilet room can be used as a powder room, while keeping the bedroom private and closed off.

daylight basement






options to modify:

We offer standard changes to the plans of this contemporary home.


Ask us about:

• room layout and size

• closets

• kitchen layout

• window placement

• and more ...


modern house plan

Cool Modern House Plans is the site for Dialect Design’s pre-designed modern mountain cabin and other contemporary plans.

All plans are developed in house by Dialect Design as a nation-wide offer and cost-effective alternative to their local design-build services

sun room

/ library






Our C.1 modern house is designed for a sloped lot and perfect for a mountain lodge or lake house cabin. Its curved standing seam metal roof is curved towards the dropping landscape opening up to the view with banks of large picture windows.  The modern interior is structured around a large open floor plan with zones of privacy.  The entry slices through the building like a breezeway or dogtrot creating space for as spacious covered terrace.  This balcony is paired with another deck serving the dining area, library, and master bedroom of this contemporary dwelling.  Exposed curved trusses and architectural glulams create a cozy living space while offering soaring ceilings and wide open views.


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modern house plans
modern house plan

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